Go Team


Teamwork creates the best projects

Ok, so this is where I get really excited. I have done my best work when a project is designed from the very start with teams of people who will be the eventual audience of the information being produced.

Read this news article about the Tank Museum's Easy Read guide. I put the book together, sure, but it was an awesome book because of the way it was planned and tested; thanks to community outreach staff from the Tank Museum, and the team from Muntsy's day service. People with disabilities kicked it off by attending workshops and looking around the museum. They then made a scrapbook, full of ideas about how they wanted the guide to look. I used the scrapbook to design the print-ready files, and the design team at the Tank Museum did the maps. The Muntsy's team then tested it at the museum, using it to get around and find the tanks. I made final tweaks and then arranged the print job with Advantage Digital Print.

If you would like me to facilitate a 100% co-produced project, please get in touch. This is my favourite part of the job!