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Easy Read Information Design

I translate documents of any length and complexity into:

  • Easy Read

  • plain English

  • accessible PDF

  • audio

I write and design fully-branded strategies, policies, reports, research papers, meeting notes, agendas, leaflets, letters and much more! I can usually offer a quick turnaround, too.


Easy Read helps people with learning disabilities, dyslexia, challenges with memory, and visual impairments. 


I work with councils, NHS organisations, universities, care providers and charities of all sizes. I am happy to do one-off projects, or develop a longer-term working relationship.

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Recent clients

NHS Dorset

Dorset Council

Bromley HealthCare


The Arts Council

The University of Sheffield

The Health Foundation

Furner Communications

British Journal of Learning Disabilities

Achieving for Children

The Centre for Welfare Reform

Dorset HealthCare

The Tank Museum

Muntsy's Day Services

Minstead Trust

Benefits of Easy Read information

Easy Read is a format which has developed to support people with learning disabilities. It helps with making decisions, being more in control of your life and becoming an active citizen.

Everyone appreciates information which is accurate, clear, and quick to read.

Accessible information underpins all co-production projects, and ensures that organisations are following the Equality Act, the Mental Capacity Act and the NHS Information Standard.

It also tells the world that your organisation is actively trying to be more accessible, inclusive and welcoming.

A woman with an Easy Read vaccine appointment letter
An Easy Read document

How it works

I can take your original document, of any level of length and complexity, and re-write it in very simple language. This is not done using AI (although I have tried!). Deciding what to keep, what to leave out, and exactly which phrases to use is a skilled job, which I have been practising for over 20 years. 


I will use your organisation's colours, logo and images for complete consistency with your organisation's brand. We then work together on any final amendments if needed.

I can supply the finished information in the following formats, depending on the project:


Print  |  Audio  |  Accessible PDF  |  Word  |  PowerPoint

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