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10 Features of Easy Read

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Every designer has their own style. Easy Read is an art and not a science, but there are some common features. Here is my run-down of 10 of them:

  1. Easy words: language people use every day.

  2. Short sentences, and use bullet lists where appropriate.

  3. Short document length and low word count: how long and how low depends on the purpose of the information.

  4. Bold headings: size 24pt or more.

  5. Large body text: 16pt or more, always black - on a very light or white background.

  6. No underlines: I do make an exception for hyperlinks.

  7. Consistent layout and branding: repetition is a good thing!

  8. Clear, unambiguous images.

  9. 4-5 images down the left of the page - one for each paragraph.

  10. Careful proof-reading for an accurate end-product and a happy reader!

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