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Dorset Libraries 10-year plan

A 10-year plan from Dorset Council about:

  • the library services we have now

  • what we want to achieve

  • our plans for the future

I adapted the Easy Read version from the full document, which was 8,000 words, over 32 pages.

The Easy Read is 730 words over 18 pages.

"It reads really well, the images work too and it’s been a very positive experience co-producing with you." - Dorset Council

Children, Young People and Families Plan

Again, reduced from a 34-page strategy to 24 pages of large print and illustrations. Completed in December 2023 - download coming soon!

library strategy.JPG

Love, Sex and You

This booklet was first commissioned by Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group in around 2014. In 2023 we decided to give it a substantial update.

Many thanks to NHS Dorset and Dorset HealthCare for their help and advice with the content, and for their continual commitment to making things more accessible for local people.

The booklet covers:

  • relationships, gender and sexuality

  • sex, pregnancy and consent

  • being safer

  • your body

  • where to learn more: local sexual health services

You can download the booklet here - PDF, 8MB;

LSY cover.JPG

Be Safe

The number of cruise ships visiting Portland, Dorset, has exploded during 2023!


This is brilliant for Dorset in many ways, but it means there are a lot more people travelling around in the local area.


Muntsy's is a day service for people with learning disabilities located right on Portland harbour. They asked me to make this guide, to help with having conversations about how to be safe when you are out and about.


You can download it here:



I am often asked to design Easy Read surveys for gathering feedback about health and social care services.

They can be challenging for a few reasons:

  • deciding whether to keep the Easy Read closely matching the original in terms of numbering, answer options and phrasing

  • layout can be complex, with headings, paragraphs, checkboxes, texboxes and images. Making things look simple and uncluttered can be hard!

  • promoting the existence of the Easy Read, and making sure that "you can request this document in Easy Read" is not buried right at the end of the more difficult version


My favourite method is fillable PDF files - here's an example from Bromley Healthcare:

bromley cover page.JPG

Coproduction and Engagement


A co-produced research project at The University of Sheffield. I am part of the team working on the Advisory Group, and I design Easy read information for the project. Find out more here!

An example of my work - our Advisory Group member handbook.

NHS Dorset: Health Action Group

This group is sadly coming to an end in December 2023. I have been producing agendas, meeting notes, presentations and other information for this active and long-running local partnership, which has been hosted by NHS Dorset for nearly 2 decades.

Furner Communications and The Health Foundation:
Inclusion Panel

I create Easy Read agendas, emails, meeting reports and slide decks for the Inclusion Panel's monthly meetings.

Find out more about the Inclusion Panel here:

member handbook.JPG
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