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Fast turnaround "translation"

I can give you a quote quickly. Just email me the original document; this may be a report, a set of minutes or a leaflet. Let me know whether you just need the text, or full design complete with images and fully branded pages.

Your finished document can be reviewed by a team of people with learning disabilities for extra quality assurance (which I recommend), this may add to the cost and the time the project will take.


Larger Projects

Larger projects (for example, a photographic guide to a hospital department, museum or care service) may require a meeting, phone call, or written proposal, so I can learn as much as possible about the project. We might plan some workshops, a photo-shoot, or some user testing. Each project is different. Larger scale projects might include:

  • A guide book for a museum or hospital

  • A series of leaflets

  • A suite of policies and procedures

Health leaflets.png

Audio and Video

I can record any information that we make into an audio file, or a video of your document - here's an example. Just ask, and I can add this to the quote.

Files can be supplied in any common format, for example; MP3, .wav or .wma . I can advise on the best format for your needs.

You could use these files as a download from your website, to burn to CD, or use as a podcast.

If you require a professionally produced video (surely THE most accessible format of all!), I can recommend Pageant Productions, having worked with them on many occasions with brilliant results.

Microphone Sound Editing

Document Formats

I can supply the following;

  • MS Word File
    (for text-only documents)

  • PDF
    (for branded designs, great for print or downloading)

  • Print - using our trusted local printers, delivered to your door.

  • Audio file

Reading Report 1.png


Contact me for a quote! We will need to arrange a call for complex projects, but many straightforward jobs can be arranged by email. Send me your original documents or ideas, then we can get started!

Dorchester, Dorset

Thanks for submitting!

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